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with Leta Herman

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Alchemical Treatments

This five-hour class will introduce you to Sun SiMiao's 13 Ghost Points, Ma DanYang's 12 Starry Sky Points, The 9 Stages of Alchemy, The Grieving Treatment, The 9 Heart Pains, and The Internal and External Devils/Dragons... and more.

Class Workbook

When you take this class you will be given our online workbook as a free bonus if you want a deeper dive into the materials. This is the best way to get more detailed prompts and notes, as this 5-hour class is packed with information.

What This Class Is NOT

The study of Alchemy is a long journey.  It is NOT a how-to class on points and treatments. This is NOT a quick learn or DIY course on Alchemy. This class is for you if you want to know what Alchemical Chinese Medicine entails. It is a general overview of this work, including the language, theories, and concepts of Alchemy and more. 

Master Alchemy Program

If you feel the desire to learn points and treatments or would like to begin the journey of becoming an Alchemical Healer, this Intro To Alchemy Class is a prerequisite for our Master Alchemy Program. This is a deeper conversation and is a by-invitation-only based program. Please contact us directly if you are interested or learn more here: www.masteralchemyprogram.com

Take The Intro To Alchemy Class

And Learn Introductory Level Theories and Concepts For Becoming An Alchemical Healer

This class introduces you to the practical use of Alchemy in a modern day Chinese Medicine practice. This approach also incorporates an advanced understanding of the Five Elements and the Nine Palaces in conjunction with a number of clinical applications such as:

  • Sun SiMiao's 13 Ghost Points - for PTSD, Trauma, and OCD
  • Ma DanYang's 12 Starry Sky Points - for helping someone find their alignment
  • ​The 9 Stages of Alchemy (based on Ge Hong's theories as taught by Master Jeffrey Yuen) - a program of personal self-cultivation and enlightenment
  • ​The Grieving Treatment as taught by Master Jeffrey Yuen - for someone who is stuck in grieving (up to many years after the death of a loved one)
  • ​Healing Heart Pains as taught by Master Jeffrey Yuen - for loving yourself and healing addictions
  • ​J.R. Worsley's Internal and External Devils/Dragons - for possession by Gui/Ghosts or emotions

The result of these treatments in patients is the transformation of stubborn and mysterious diseases (auto-immune, chronic Lyme, mental illness, congenital diseases, among others) through the release of blocks that result from trauma and long-term difficulties in life. The patients undergo a significant transformation that brings a greater understanding (and forgiveness) of their own temperament, motivations, and purpose so that they can fly in their lives.

While these treatments are available and often discussed as theoretical approaches, the incorporation of them into modern practice remains advanced and mysterious. In the Master Alchemy Program, Leta Herman takes a step-by-step approach to the practical application of these techniques. 

What Is Alchemy?

  • The Alchemists in China were the sages of antiquity who were trying to achieve longevity and especially immortality. The Eight Immortals were believed to be able to live forever.
  • ​Alchemy is the exploration of the mystery. Our spirits are like gold. If you bury gold in the ground and dig it up later, it doesn’t corrode like other metals. It comes out looking just as beautiful as the day you buried it. You are perfect like gold. 
  • Alchemy is a transformation through an exploration of the mystery (of dimensions, of all things that are and that are not)...
  • ​Alchemy is about freedom and living authentically.

“The Daoist masters believed we are like gold, all of us. 
Our spirits can never be tarnished or disintegrate like other base metals.”

What Is Alchemical Healing?

  • To be an Alchemical practitioner requires a new paradigm for healing... one that leaves the idea of "illness" and being the "healer/helper" behind and enters the realm of each being's realization of their full potential and perfection. 
  • ​Alchemical treatments are a roadmap of cultivation techniques that can be applied by modern Chinese Medicine practitioners and Energy Healers with people who believe themselves to be either ill or well. 
  • ​As an Alchemical Healer, you take on a new role as facilitator for each person who intersects with your path. Through the Alchemical approach to working with points and treatments and the cultivation of meditations for each Alchemical stage, clients can make a "course correction" and walk their true road in life.
Leta Herman & Master Jeffrey Yuen in Tibet 2018

"Alchemical Healers are agents for change. They facilitate this change through presence, and they engage the Spirit level. They operate in the realm of their patients' already existing perfection and witness patients discovering that perfection in themselves."

Becoming An Alchemical Healer

In addition to having a in-depth Introduction To Alchemy, there are two other foundational teachings that are crucial to understand before beginning your journey to become an Alchemical Healer. 

1. The Five Elements

Your Elemental Energies are surging through you and unconsciously telegraph your nature in every word you speak, the look in your eyes, the way you walk, the way you dance, the way you make love… every move you make exhibits who you really are... energetically.  Your unique energy flow never stops and never rests. Every living thing on the planet, big or small, has the Five Element energies: 

  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • ​Metal 
  • ​Water

They guide your every movement. 

You were born with a particular mix of these Five Element energies in a certain order called your Elemental Energy "stack up."

2. The Nine Palaces

The Nine Palaces are the next level of understanding yourself and your struggles in particular. All human beings have to attend to their Nine Palaces or they suffer. The cause of suffering is imbalance in their Nine Palaces. 

The Nine Palaces are:

Each of the Nine Palaces corresponds to one of the Five Elements:

  • Career / Knowledge
  • Love / Relationship
  • ​Health
  • ​Wealth / Abundance
  • Home
  • ​Travel / Adventure / Global
  • ​Children / Creativity / Legacy
  • ​Wisdom
  • ​Prosperity

Each of the Nine Palaces corresponds to one of the Five Elements:

  • Wood: wealth and health
  • Fire: relationship and Prosperity
  • Earth: home
  • Metal: travel and creativity
  • Water: career and wisdom

Leta has sought out some the world's leading teachers in everything from Plant Spirit Medicine, The Five Elements, The Ghost Points, Acupressure, Chinese Medicine and Alchemy, and more. Leta considers herself a lifelong learner and loves to take on big challenges.   

In 2004, Leta met and began studying with Master Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th-generation Taoist priest and Chinese Medicine healer. In his particular tradition priests are celibate, and Jeffrey was chosen before his birth. His grandfather began Jeffrey's training when he was only five years old, and he has access to an oral tradition that has largely gone underground in China. Jeffrey's body of knowledge is so profound that he regularly introduces concepts that challenge what even life-long masters thought they knew. 

In 2008, Leta successfully completed Master Yuen's Advanced Chinese Medicine Program. Leta still continues to travel the world and studies Chinese Medicine and Alchemy with Master Yuen. It has been through the past 16 years with Master Yuen that Leta has begun to understand on a deeper level, some of the key aspects of Alchemy and Chinese Medicine.

In 2019, Leta created the first Master Alchemy Program which was a great success for everyone involved. 

Leta Herman

“The only person you can change is yourself."

Alchemical Chinese Medicine For A Modern Day Practice

Why You Should Consider an Alchemical Approach in Your Clinical Practice

The reason to consider Alchemy in your practice is for your own self-cultivation through Chinese Medicine. As you incorporate these practices into your clinical practice, you transform along with your patients. This is the path of the Alchemical practitioner.

What type are practitioner are you? Are you a Technician, Teacher, or Alchemist. If you are fascinated with the spirit level of points, the treatment of heart pains (that may or may not have somaticized in the body as real pain), or are motivated day-to-day by the transformation your patients undergo as they receive regular treatment, you may be the Alchemist type.

Being an Alchemist requires that you develop techniques for putting “you” first and creating a strategy for your own self-cultivation. This approach helps the practitioner and the patient start to take on the world on your own terms. The Nine Stages of Alchemy are a map that you can follow along your path of development. If you are ready to really take the time to work on yourself, then this is the class for you. 

Bonus Workbook Included!

You will get our Online Workbook for FREE with the Intro To Alchemy Class! This Workbook will guide you through the 5 hour class and help you understand the materials even more. If you like to have more detailed notes and prompts then you will love this class Workbook!

Become An Alchemical Healer

Take The Intro To Alchemy Class
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The Master Alchemy Program

This Is Where You Begin Your Journey...

BEGIN HERE: Prerequisites For The Master Alchemy Program

Three Classes

  • 1. Intro To Alchemy - First Online Class: Our introduction class on Alchemy. Homework will need to be submitted at the end of the class. Take this class now!
  • 2. Intro To The Five Elements - Second Online Class: Our introduction class on The Five Elements. Homework will need to be submitted at the end of the class.
  • 3. Intro To The Nine Palaces - Third Online Class: Our introduction class on The Nine Palaces. Homework will need to be submitted at the end of the class.

In-Person Treatments & Strategy Sessions

  • 13 Ghost Point Half Day Treatment: Visit Northampton, Massachusetts for your 13 Ghost Point treatment plus follow-up treatment the next day.
  • Life Strategy Discovery Half Day Strategy Session: Visit Northampton, Massachusetts for your Life Strategy Discovery Session plus follow-up session the next day. 

Application Process To Enter Alchemy Level 1 

  • Zoom Interview: Once the above prerequisites are completed, schedule a Zoom (video chat) interview with Leta and Jaye and upon acceptance, begin The Master Alchemy Program.

UPON ACCEPTANCE: Begin The Master Alchemy Program

Three Levels

  • Levels 1, 2, and 3: Learn more by clicking the button below!

Take The Intro To Alchemy Class

  • ​An overview of how an Alchemical practice differs from a typical healing practice
  • ​Introduction to the concepts behind Alchemy and a brief history
  • ​How Alchemy can be used in Modern Day practice
  • Introduction to a number of treatments that are used in an Alchemical practice and their clinical applications
  • Chinese Medicine Practitioner (Acupuncturist, Acupressurist, Medical Qi Gong, etc.)
  • Alternative medicine practitioner who is focused on the psycho-emotional aspects of treatments.
  • Wanting to apply to the Master Alchemy Program. This class is a prerequisite.

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If you feel the desire to learn points and treatments or would like to begin the journey of becoming an Alchemical Healer, this Intro To Alchemy Class is a prerequisite for our Master Alchemy Program. This is a deeper conversation and is a by-invitation-only based program. Please contact us directly if you are interested or learn more by clicking the button below!

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